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What You Need to Know About Toxic Black Mold


Mold plays a vital role in nature because it breaks down organic material, unfortunately, it proves highly detrimental when it grows indoors. Among the many strains is toxic black mold, a greenish-black fungus that flourishes in dark, warm, damp environments. There’s a reason this type garners the most headlines. Take a moment to learn how black mold can affect your family to maintain a safer and healthier indoor space.

Toxic Black Mold Basics & Prevention

Health Risks

Spores enter homes through heating, cooling, and ventilation systems as well as doors and windows. The spores can also attach themselves to clothing, bags, and animal hair and fur, and they often contain mycotoxins that create health problems or exacerbate existing issues. When the mold spreads in the home, it can cause a variety of adverse reactions, such as mouth, nose, and throat irritation, coughing, sneezing, rashes, fever, headaches, and chronic fatigue.

Without timely mold removal services, toxic black mold can—in extreme cases—result in even more severe health issues, such as bleeding in the nose and lungs, seizures, tremors, blood clotting problems, internal hemorrhaging, memory loss, and lowered bone marrow levels. People with allergies, lung infections, and immunity issues are at greater risk of health problems.

Preventing Growth

toxic black moldSchedule mold remediation for any infestation over 10 square feet, and maintain a clean home to prevent its return. Ensure your ventilation system works, keep humidity levels between 30% and 45%, and check your house for leaks to prevent mold growth, especially in naturally dark areas such as basements. Clean spills immediately to avoid mold growth under your flooring. Use a HEPA air filter for even more protection and healthier indoor air.

Other tips for keeping toxic black mold out of your home include hanging non-dryer-friendly clothes outside and keeping up with gutter and roofing system maintenance. Roofs with holes allow water to leak into the underlayment and attic, often resulting in mold. Clogged gutters are just as damaging because rainwater backs up under roofing shingles or pools around your home’s foundation, increasing the risk for mold formation.

If you suspect a severe toxic black mold infestation in your home, don’t hesitate to call Dove Services in Gulf Shores, AL. We offer a one-year warranty on mold remediation services and have over 20 years of industry experience. Air duct cleaning and air quality testing are among their numerous other services contributing to healthy homes throughout Baldwin County. Call us (251) 540-7357 today to schedule service.

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