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The Do's & Don'ts of Handling Black Mold


When moisture causes black mold growth in your home, getting rid of the issue as soon as possible is a priority. Mold remediation restores your living space and keeps your family safe from side effects caused by spores. There are a few tips to keep in mind when dealing with black mold to remain safe. Below are the do’s and don’ts of mold removal and restoration.
Repair leaks.

Mold loves moisture and thrives in wet, dark places. Get to the bottom of the problem and repair leaks. Look for spots where water may be seeping in, and seal cracks and holes. Eliminating a water source will prevent future mold growth.
Call for a mold inspection.

When you suspect you have black mold, schedule an inspection. The team will assess your property and find areas where mold is lurking. Not all growth may be noticeable yet, and having a professional service inspect your entire home will uncover hidden trouble.
Employ preventive measures.

If you have a mold issue now, it will likely return unless you take precautions. Besides eliminating leaks and holes that are letting in water, make sure any floods or major spills are cleaned and dried immediately. Check and clean gutters and downspouts, and ensure water is draining away from your home. Update ventilation in humid areas to eliminate excess moisture.   
Attempt DIY mold remediation.

mold removalMold removal should be handled by professionals who know how to use the proper techniques, safety procedures, and protective gear. Trying to clean the area yourself may not tackle the root of the issue. Professionals also have the right products to remove not only live mold but also the spores that will spread.
Use a fan to ventilate.

While good ventilation is important for maintaining air quality and drying wet areas, using a fan when you have black mold will only spread the spores more quickly. Avoid turning on fans until mold removal is finished.
Wait to call for help.

As soon as you see black mold or you have a suspicion it is present, call a mold remediation team for an inspection. Mold will continue to grow and spread if not treated, leading to larger restoration costs and an unhealthy living environment.


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Posted on Jul 20, 2018


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