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Inspect for Mold Before you Sell


Mold is found in homes much more than you think. A typical pre-purchase home inspection is limited to only visible mold and might miss entire ecosystems of fungi. In some cases, a mold professional may be required to test and find these hidden patches.

Why should you call a mold professional?


When one of the items in a home inspection report is "Mold," it indicates a possible threat to a buyer. Many times mold inspection reports have ended negotiations for a sale. You need to protect yourself and the buyer by making sure that you've conducted a mold inspection and remediation. This will assure that if any mold is found on a property, there is a solution for it, and that the issue is being handled before the seller takes the home. Some of the most common effects of mold are – a musty smell, dirty indoor air, illness caused by mold and several reports of mold-related respiratory problems.

How can you determine if there is a mold problem?

If the home has a history of mold issues, leaking or other evidence of water damage, air infiltration into the home, or if there is evidence of building damage, you should get an inspection. It can be an expensive problem if left untreated. While there is much to be said about how most homes can have just a small amount of mold, this is not always the case as mold can grow very quickly and spread throughout your home.

What is the number one way mold starts?


The most common cause of mold growth is moisture and ventilation problems. Common indoor mold problems that need to be remediated include: Air exchange problems with the home's roof or attic. Flood damage that damages the home's interior. Damage to the insulation of the house and under floor insulation. Light penetration into the home that comes from windows, wall air conditioners, or poorly designed windows. The exterior of the home, or home's foundation, walls, and floors that are not well sealed.

If you own a home that has mold


Call a professional to remediate it. If you are purchasing a home, make sure any mold problems are corrected before closing. Dove Services can help mold testing inspections and remediation by identifying where hidden or visible mold is occurring in a home.

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Posted on May 22, 2021


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