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Guide to Mold Inspection


Home and property owners often learn about mold growing inside their home too late, when they see it with their own eyes on their walls or ceilings. By this point, though, it’s harder to eliminate. Learn how mold gets inside your home in the first place and the mold inspection methods used by professionals to detect mold earlier in its growth.

How Mold Inspection Is Conducted

Conditions for Mold

Mold outside your home shouldn’t be a problem. However, mold growth indoors can be dangerous when left alone, affecting air quality and causing negative health effects for you and your family. It often grows in damp, wet, and humid environments such as bathrooms, dryers, and air vents. Mold can multiply quickly, taking only a couple of days to grow and begin colonizing for up to two weeks.

Surface Samples

Mold inspection

For mold inspection, there are three ways professionals take surface samples: bulk, swab, and tape. Bulk samples are actual pieces of the mold surface. Swab samples are taken with a cotton swab and swiped on the suspected surface. A tape sample is a clear tape that has been pressed onto the mold surface. One or more of these methods can be used, but all samples are sent to laboratories for further examination. A stain is applied to the sample to find out which type of mold is present.

Air Samples

Similar to surface samples, there are a few ways to take air samples for a mold inspection. However, the most common way is called a “spore trap” sample. This process involves trapping air into a device that contains a sticky substance inside. The sticky surface captures particles in the air, including mold, onto its surface as the air passes through it. The sample is then sent to a laboratory to identify what kind of mold it is so that a treatment plan can be formulated.

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Posted on Feb 1, 2019


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