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Bleach Does Not Kill Mold


"Just throw some bleach on it and the mold will go away"

This is one of the biggest pieces of information out there about mold. Certain types of mold are chlorine resistant. People apply bleach, the mold comes right back- in fact it never went away. There are no short cuts to doing the job right.

Bleach Can’t Reach Mold.

Bleach can be effective for killing viruses and bacteria. It is also good for lifiting stains out of fabrics. It is NOT effective on mold!

Bleach is not a dirt removing agent, it does not have the ability to get past dirt or grime. People often think because the surface looks clean the mold is gone. But all that has happened is the bleach has removed the color from the surface.

You Have to Remove Mold Not Just Kill Mold.

If you happen to first scrub off the dirt and you only use bleach on hard surfaces, you still won’t be effectively killing mold. In fact, you may be feeding it. Bleach has an extremely short potency life and deactivates when it comes into contact with organic material, which includes mold. Mold also grows deep into surfaces so if the bleach kills anything it will only be the top layer due to the fact that it deactivates quickly. After mold deactivates, the main ingredient in bleach, which is water, stays behind and feeds the remaining mold allowing it to grow even more.

When it comes to professional mold remediation, fancy equipment alone is not enough. All of it is worthless unless the people operating the equipment know what they are doing and they are properly trained and supervised.

Remember ...........if you have a mold issue or think you have a mold issue, do not risk your health, call a certified mold inspector and remediator for an inspection.

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Posted on Dec 15, 2019


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