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A Guide to Preventing Mold in Warm & Humid Climates


Hot, humid environments are the ideal conditions for mold growth, making this a common problem for homeowners in the South or those with Gulf Coast property. While there’s not much you can do about the weather, there are some steps you can take to keep dangerous spores out of your home. Below are a few tips for preventing dangerous infestations and expensive mold removal services.

How to Prevent Mold Problems in a Subtropical Climate

Keep the Air Moving

Air circulation keeps mold spores from laying down roots and reproducing, so open the windows on nice days to keep the air fresh. To improve circulation, try moving furniture away from the walls, open the doors between rooms, and open closet doors when you’re airing out the house. Finally, remember to run the exhaust fans in the bathroom, and clean your air ducts and vents on a regular basis.

Eliminate Condensation

Mold thrives anywhere there’s water, often gathering around areas moistened by condensation. Installing high-quality insulation in your home, around pipes, and anywhere else water develops will help control the humidity in your home, eliminating the condensation that promotes growth and leads to mold removal services.

Reduce Indoor Humidity

mold removalAs a mere mortal, the humidity outdoors is beyond your control, but dehumidifiers can take most of the moisture out of the air in your home. Air conditioning also works as a dehumidifier—just make sure the filter is clean or condensation may develop on the condenser coils.

Have Regular Inspections

If you’ve had mold problems in the past, calling an expert to inspect your property every year can keep the infestation from coming back. Many mold removal companies offer thorough inspections with the expertise to detect infestations before they can damage your home and cause respiratory problems.


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Posted on Mar 9, 2019


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