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10 important questions to ask about mold when buying a home


It is important to know if there is mold in the home you are planning to purchase

Are you looking at homes or planning on buying a home? Even though the home may have had an inspection there are some important questions to ask before you make your offer.

Ask the seller to disclose any mold or water-related problems.

Some states, including California, require sellers to disclose information about mold. Other states such as Alabama are a buyer beware state. Keep in mind that the seller's duty to disclose only relates to things the seller knows about or reasonably should know about -- he or she doesn't have a duty to go poking around in the walls to see if there's mold, for example. In states where mold disclosure is not required, you can still ask for such disclosure. In addition, asking these simple questions can save you money and headache in the long run

1. Has the dishwasher ever overflowed?

2. Have any of the sinks or toilets leaked?

3. Has the refrigerator or icemaker ever leaked?

4. Has the washing machine ever leaked?

5. Have you ever had sewage back up?

6. Have you ever had a broken pipe in the house?

7. Have you had problems with moisture in your crawl space?

8. Have you replaced the shower unit?

9. Have your windows ever leaked?

10. Have your gutters ever clogged and had back flow?

Add a mold-related contingency to your offer.

Making the sale contingent on your satisfaction with the results of specific inspections for mold lets you back out if the inspection finds a mold problem. Unfortunately, tests for mold are difficult to conduct and expensive. And, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), testing for mold isn't usually necessary when it's visible on surfaces.

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Posted on Feb 2, 2020


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